Bruce Jenner Hates Kanye West: Dumped Kris Jenner and Moved Out Of Kardashian Home

Bruce Jenner Hates Kanye West: Dumped Kris Jenner and Moved Out Of Kardashian Home

Bruce Jenner has officially moved out of the Kardashian compound in Calabasas and is living by himself in his Malibu beach house. Sources claim that even though Bruce and Kris Jenner have been separated since June and that’s the main reason Bruce moved out of the house, another major reason was Kim Kardashian moving in with Kanye West and their new daughter.

Sources say that Bruce and Kanye were constantly clashing, adding, “He was constantly being told to be quiet, and Bruce just doesn’t get along that well with Kanye. The obvious choice for him was to move full time into the Malibu rental house.”

So according to these sources, it wasn’t just Bruce’s relationship with Kris that caused him to move out of the family home. I mean, I can imagine that Kanye is probably the worst housemate to have, what with his inability to stop praising himself and telling other people what to do. However, the problem with this story is that Kanye was barely in Los Angeles, even after North West was born.

Regardless, Bruce is now reportedly staying away from Kris and he’s trying to convince his children to join him. Kim is obviously a lost cause, as are Khloe and Kourtney. However, he probably thinks he still has a chance to keep Kendall and Kylie away from that life style,  but I’m not sure if it’s too late for them as well.

One other benefit for Bruce to stay in Malibu is that he will no longer be Kris’ lap dog like he was for the past few years. He won’t have to abide by her rules, and he’ll actually be able to have a say in his own life. Why wouldn’t want that kind of control in their own life? No wonder he was happy to separate from Kris.

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