Blake Shelton And Cher Fighting Bitterly On The Voice

Blake Shelton And Cher Fighting Bitterly On The Voice

According to a report from the National Enquirer, Blake Shelton and Cher are fighting on The Voice. The report claims that ever since Blake picked Cher as a mentor, the two have been fighting non-stop.

A source explains, “Cher wishes she never agreed to be Blake’s team member. She can’t stand him. She’s already called him a big jerk and told him how much she hated him. While she’s a fan of Blake’s musical talent, she can’t seem to get over his backwoods, country cowboy ways and his constant flirting with the sexier female singers on the show.”

Well, the Enquirer did publish a report last week about the sexual tension between Cher and Blake Shelton – if that’s true, that might be what’s causing all this fighting. Maybe they’re just going at it because all they want to do is jump each other’s bones. In all honesty, I doubt either of these reports, mostly because whenever I see Cher and Blake together, all I see is a blank wall. Chemistry is very easy to discern, especially on The Voice. It would be easier to believe the fact that they’re fighting over them being attracted to each other.

Either way, the report alleges that the fighting is starting to cause friction between the other cast members, who are probably starting to choose sides. And the details of the fight between them all seems to boil down to Blake hating President Obama and being a playboy – and on that account, who would actually side with him? Being a playboy is not something that can be flaunted to gain brownie points with the public, and there are way more people who love Obama than hate him, especially in Hollywood.

Who do you guys think is in the right here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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