Demi Moore Furious About Mila Kunis Trying To Steal Her Look

Demi Moore Furious About Mila Kunis Trying To Steal Her Look

This latest story from Star Magazine reads like something from Single White Female fan fiction. According to the report, Demi Moore saw a picture of Mila Kunis wearing her clothes and became furious that Mila was stealing her life.

According to Star’s ‘sources’, “When Demi and Ashton [Kutcher] separated in 2011, he accidentally grabbed some her clothes when he moved out. Mila happened to find them in Ashton’s stuff and loved them. Demi randomly saw photos of Mila online one day and she recognized the shirt she was wearing as hers! She was in complete shock.”

Ashton may have grabbed the clothing by accident, but would Mila have worn the clothes by accident? Women are way more particular than men when it comes to clothing, and I think Mila would have noticed if Ashton had some random woman’s clothes in his closet. She might have asked Ashton what they were doing there, but I don’t think she would have decided to wear the clothes.

Again, I’m speaking from personal experience. I don’t know if Mila is the type of person to find random clothing in her closet and decide to wear the clothes without finding out where they came from. And even if she was, it’s a little bit of a stretch for Demi to assume that Mila was trying to ‘steal’ her life. Sure, Mila is dating Ashton now – but I doubt Mila purposefully wore the outfit to spite Demi.

What do you guys think about Demi’s supposed anger towards Mila? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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