Kris Jenner Dissing Bruce Jenner, Regrets Robert Kardashian Divorce

Kris Jenner Dissing Bruce Jenner, Regrets Robert Kardashian Divorce

Now that her breakup with Bruce Jenner has gone public, for lack of better word, Kris Jenner is letting her claws hang out. She’s not holding back on her thoughts about Bruce any longer, and she’s making sure he knows about it.

Kris was interviewed by New You Magazine, and she admitted that if she could take something back, she would take back divorcing her late husband, Robert Kardashian. Basically, she’s making sure that Bruce knows that she’s doing everything in her power to win this divorce.

She explained, “The one regret, if I had to do it over, would be divorcing [my late husband] Robert Kardashian.” How nice. In the past, she’s always pretended as though Bruce and her children were her priorities and she would never change a thing if she could – and now, she’s pretty much saying that she would get rid of Kendall [Jenner] and Kylie [Jenner] if it was possible.

Again, this is Kris Jenner – and everything she’s saying is calculated. Everyone knows that everything that comes out of Kris’ mouth is always said to her advantage, and I’m sure that she knew these comments would cause controversy. After all, she and Bruce haven’t even been officially separated for even a week.

What do you guys think about Kris dissing Bruce? Do you think she was clearly making a barb against him when claiming that she regretted her divorce with Robert, and do you think she thought about Kendall and Kylie at all before making that statement? Or is she really that oblivious and famewhorey that the thought never entered her mind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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