Mischa Barton Back On Track After Mental Breakdown

Mischa Barton Back On Track After Mental Breakdown

According to the latest cover from People Magazine, Mischa Barton is finally getting back into acting after years of staying away from the Hollywood scene. The actress, who made it big with Fox’s hit TV show The O.C., has dealt with drug and alcohol issues for the past decade, and was hospitalized for trying to kill herself in 2009.

In the People exclusive, Mischa explains that her philosophy during her OC days was ‘Work hard, party hard‘. While that may have worked for a while, it eventually led to Mischa getting arrested for a DUI in 2007 and slowly sliding down the slopes of addiction. When her parents tried to hold an intervention for her in 2009, she ended up threatening to kill herself. Finally, she realized the position she was in when she was put into a psychiatric lockdown.

Mischa explains the incident as, “It was a full-on breakdown. I was under enormous pressure.” However, as the years passed and she started focusing on getting healthy, the public didn’t allow her. Even though she stopped drinking and doing drugs, her self-esteem took a hit with the constant criticism of her weight. She explains, “It was always, ‘She’s too skinny, she must be sick. Then it was, ‘She’s too big.’ I was never the right weight.”

Eventually, it took some time, but Mischa is finally healthy and happy. She’s focusing on getting her career back on track, and while it may never return to the glory days of The OC, she has managed to book roles and will hopefully continue to do so – while staying healthy at the same time.

People’s cover story this week also focuses on Kris Jenner‘s divorce, and Lauren Conrad‘s engagement.

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