Chelsea Handler Forced To Stop Badmouthing Angelina Jolie

Chelsea Handler Forced To Stop Badmouthing Angelina Jolie

Has Chelsea Handler been forced to stop badmouthing Angelina Jolie on her show, Chelsea Lately? According to a new report from the National Enquirer, Chelsea’s bosses at E! have forced her to stop badmouthing Angelina. Because Comcast owns both E! and Universal [who are embarking on a partnership with Angelina to direct Unbroken], Chelsea’s vitriol clashes with the business interests higher up the chain.

A source explains that Comcast executives don’t appreciate Chelsea’s words, explaining, “Angelina has a lot of support at the top and they’re dying to lock her into a long-term contract. They don’t like the fact that Chelsea has really been saying some horrible things about her. Universal wants to create a home for Angelina, and that means she can’t have any hostility coming her way from other employees, including Chelsea. That’s why they read her the riot act.”

Chelsea has called Angelina some horrible things on her show, including ‘bitch’ and ‘homewrecker’, and although she’s toned it down lately, she was obviously forced to. The source adds, “Chelsea’s not happy about it, but she’s been banned from spewing any more anti-Jolie gags, at least for the next couple of months.”

I doubt it would only be for the next couple of months, especially if Universal is planning to lock Angelina into a long-term contract. In fact, with Angelina’s new found power in Hollywood, I’d be surprised if Chelsea could continue bad-mouthing her and get away with it at all. I’m sure Jennifer Aniston will be thrilled with this [not], since her only ally against Angelina has been forced to go silent.

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