Kanye West Bans Kim Kardashian From Getting More Plastic Surgery: Kim Freaks!

Kanye West Bans Kim Kardashian From Getting More Plastic Surgery: Kim Freaks!

Kanye West has reportedly given Kim Kardashian an ultimatum regarding her ongoing plastic surgery. If she refuses to stop, he will leave her.

An exclusive report from Radar Online states that after losing his mother, Donda West, to complications regarding plastic surgery, Kanye isn’t willing to take the chance with his baby mama. A source tells Radar, “Kim was certain that she wanted to have surgery after giving birth because she wanted a head start on losing her baby weight. But Kanye really flipped out. Kanye told Kim in no uncertain terms that she needed to put her baby and her life first. He got pretty emotional because he really didn’t want her going through that kind of major surgery. He’s still traumatized from his mom’s death.”

The source adds, “Kanye was devastated by her passing and it’s made him extremely protective of those he loves. He really put his foot down and told Kim the surgery ban is a condition of being with him.”

Kim is apparently facing difficulties with losing all of her baby weight, and she’s sick of trying to lose it the traditional way – through exercise and dieting. Apparently, that’s why Kim has been less of a famewhore than usual, and she’s reportedly been trying not to be photographed as much so there are less ‘fat’ pictures around in the future.

Whoever wrote this report clearly hasn’t been reading the news for the past few weeks – Kim is as famewhorey as always, and she’s been getting herself photographed every other day. She constantly posts Twitter pictures or Keek videos, and I would hardly call this Kim slowing down or being less famewhorey than usual. If anything, I think it’s actually increased.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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