LeAnn Rimes Jokes About Being A Homewrecker – Rude or Ugly?

LeAnn Rimes Jokes About Being A Homewrecker - Rude or Ugly?

I feel like LeAnn Rimes‘ whole life on Twitter comes down to taunting Brandi Glanville. Her latest tweet was clearly targeted towards Brandi, especially since LeAnn was in Nashville with Eddie Cibrian and his kids to visit her dad. She’s rubbing in all the family time they’re spending into Brandi’s face, and she clearly couldn’t resist poking at already open wounds.

She posted a picture of herself on a truck that was named ‘Wrecker Service’, with the caption, “DON’T OPEN w/o A SENSE OF HUMOR… My dad has a towing service, family business. #havefunw/thecomments.” It’s obvious what she’s doing here – she’s alluding to herself as the ‘home wrecker’, and she’s joking about it being a family business. She is clearly instigating arguments, especially with the comment about ‘having fun in the comments’.

In addition posting that particular picture, she also posted several Vine videos of Eddie and his kids, and they’re obviously ‘bonding’ photos. There’s one of Eddie and her kissing, and there’s another of the whole family posing. She’s basically gloating to Brandi about having the whole family together, and by posting the ‘wrecker’ picture and comment, she’s telling everyone that she would basically do everything over again if she could.

Ughh, it’s despicable. It’s one thing to be a homewrecker and be ashamed of it – she made a mistake, and she couldn’t help herself. It’s not exactly forgivable, but with enough remorse, she could have wormed her way back into the public’s good graces. But forget it – she’s not apologizing for anything. If anything, she’s going to gloat, act cocky, and push it into Eddie’s ex-wife’s face. Talk about immaturity to a whole different level.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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