Kate Middleton Doing Abdominal Exercises To Stay Skinny After Baby Birth

Kate Middleton Doing Abdominal Exercises To Stay Skinny After Baby Birth

By now, everyone’s seen the Christening portraits of the royal family, and Prince George is obviously the star. However, Kate Middleton‘s body comes in a close second place, and many royal watchers are wondering how she’s managed to lose all that baby weight so quickly. One even states, “In fact, she looks even more toned and fit than she was before her pregnancy.”

According to a report from Star Magazine, a palace source has reportedly confirmed that Kate sets aside time to workout every day, no matter how busy her schedule gets [this is funny because we all know that her schedule never gets busy].

This source even adds, “Kate’s trainer had her doing a lot of cardio, abdominal exercises and weight training. Her main focus was her stomach. She was determined to have a flat stomach – and she loves how it looks now.” Obviously, she’s already skinny and her metabolism is clearly working at a fast rate, and that’s not even accounting for the fact that she’s breastfeeding and that does help women lose weight quicker. She’s also reportedly ‘eating clean’ and staying ‘hydrated‘, which has resulted in ‘glowing skin’.

Overall, body experts estimate that Kate has probably lost around forty pounds after the birth of her skin, which might actually be less than Kate weighed before she got pregnant. Thus is the power of endless amounts of time to get in shape, having nannies to take care of your baby, and living in the public eye/having enough motivation to get thin.

What do you guys think about Kate’s method of weight loss? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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