Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Step Out In Public After Divorce

Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Step Out In Public After Divorce

Despite the fact that they just announced their divorce a couple of days ago, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are trying their best to prove to the world that they still remain on good terms.

When they got divorced, Orlando and Miranda both released a joint statement claiming that the split was amicable, perhaps in order to battle the rumors that the cause was Miranda’s infidelity. Today, the duo stepped out in public with their young son, Flynn Bloom, in Central Park, New York City. At one point, they were linking arms, and Orlando even kissed Miranda in full view of the cameras.

While there are many theories flying around about the current state of their marriage, it definitely seems like they’re on good terms. Maybe too good for a couple that’s supposed to have just divorced, which doesn’t lend much credibility to the theory that they’re fighting. It could be that they’ve always been in an open relationship, and they only broke up because the cheating rumors were starting to affect their public images. They can’t have the public thinking that they’re anything less than perfect, and so they decided to divorce rather than risk the public thinking Miranda was a serial cheater.

In any case, Orlando and Miranda are still clearly on great terms, especially since she was even spotted attending his Broadway show the same evening. Orlando was also cornered by TMZ on Friday and when asked about whether there were any hard feelings between him and his wife, his response was, “We’re not friends. We’re family.”

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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