Final Catching Fire Trailer: Epic And Action Packed (VIDEO)

Final Catching Fire Trailer: Epic And Action Packed (VIDEO)

The final theatrical trailer for Catching Fire has finally released, and it definitely packs a punch. For the first time in the series’ promotional campaign, the arena was featured in the trailers. Previously, the arena was always kept hidden and under wraps, and as a treat for fans who waited patiently and didn’t want to be spoiled. But in the case of Catching Fire, for fear of seeming repetitive, the marketing department at Lionsgate probably decided to reveal some of the more action-y elements of the movie, especially since they were premiering the trailer during the World Series on Fox.

It seemed to have worked because almost all the reactions to the trailer have been positive. Jennifer Lawrence remains in strong form as Katniss Everdeen, the titular heroine of the series. There are many glimpses of things we’ve already seen, from Katniss bonding with her sister and the unrest in the districts. But everything from the arena is new and offers a fresh twist to the movie.

For starters, the trailer begins with Katniss clearly in the arena and climbing to the top of a tall tree. She stares at the sky, with President Snow looking increasingly apprehensive. Finally, she lets loose the arrow into the sky, and the trailer smash cuts to the remaining scenes. Then we, get some of the scenes we’ve seen before, but once we get to the arena, we get a glimpse of the monkey mutts, the killer fog, the tidal waves, and the jabberjays. Not only that, but we get a brief moment with Katniss and Peeta by the beach [otherwise known as the ‘locket scene’], a scene that is sure to have shippers swooning.

What did you guys think of the Catching Fire trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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