Katy Perry Denies Robert Pattinson Romance After Drunk Karaoke Video Surfaces

Katy Perry Denies Robert Pattinson Romance After Drunk Karaoke Video Surfaces

Are Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson dating? I think the answer to that has always been no. But are they having sex? Most people who know them seem to say yes. But according to Katy, she and Rob are ‘just’ friends, with nothing else going on. Do we believe her?

A drunk karaoke video featuring Katy and Rob from 2008 has surfaced, and it seems like pretty definitive evidence that there was something going on between Katy and Rob back then. In 2008, both of them were single and were always in each other’s companies. And if that’s not enough, during one point in the video, Katy even steps off her stool and comes and sits on Rob’s lap. That gesture seems too intimate to be done between ‘just’ friends.

In a recent interview with the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Katy denied the rumors once again, explaining, “Nothing is sacred, not even karaoke. One of my best friends is a mutual friend of ours, and we got wasted and did karaoke like people do. At least it shows you that we’re actually just friends. It’s like if you’re a girl you can’t be friends with that guy … The poor guy. I feel for him.”

Yes, the ‘poor’ guy must be devastated that he has hundreds of girls constantly throwing themselves at him. Anyway, even if Katy denies that they ever dated, it’s obvious that they must have been friends with benefits at one point. Rob definitely got around back in the day, even if he wasn’t famous enough for it to be public knowledge. He was rumored to have a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with Nikki Reed, his Twilight co-star, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that he had the same arrangement with Katy.

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