Kelly Preston And John Travolta Going Through ‘Bitter’ Custody Battle

Kelly Preston And John Travolta Going Through 'Bitter' Custody Battle

According to the latest cover issue of the National Enquirer, Kelly Preston‘s and John Travolta‘s $220 million divorce is starting to turn ugly, with John and Kelly facing a bitter custody battle. I love how the Enquirer’s pretending as though Kelly and John have already started getting divorced, and now they’re dealing with custody issues.

Last we heard – officially – Kelly and John were still happily married, with John feeling up masseurs every once in a while and Kelly turning a blind eye. You think she didn’t know about his sexuality before marrying him? Please. She knew. Not only did she know, but she agreed to marry him, which shows you why they’re never going to get divorced. Much like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith [coincidentally also members of the Church of Scientology], Kelly and John have put too much effort into maintaining their perfect marriage to let it all go to shit now. Besides, even if they’re not together in the traditional sense, rumor has it that both of them are good friends and understand each other, even if Kelly does get frustrated with John’s inability to control himself.

The same issue of the Enquirer also has another story on Barbra Streisand‘s $390 divorce from James Brolin, and why James can’t ‘take any more from the control freak diva‘. Whoa, way harsh Enquirer. Why is it always the woman’s fault??

There’s also a story on Clint Eastwood‘s ‘viagra hookup‘ with a sexy, middle-aged blonde. Um, I’m sure any hookup of his would be a ‘viagra’ hookup – the dude’s 83 years old!

What do you guys think about this week’s cover of the Enquirer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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