Kim Kardashian Controlled By ‘Madman’ Kanye West – Will He Hurt Her?

Kim Kardashian Controlled By 'Madman' Kanye West - Will He Hurt Her?

Has Kim Kardashian changed since she’s gotten engaged? According to the latest cover issue from Life & Style Magazine, Kim is being ‘controlled‘ by madman Kanye West.

While I’m usually quick to jump to derision when it comes to tabloid headlines, I actually don’t feel like this particular one is very far off from reality. Yes, calling Kanye a ‘madman’ might be a bit of a stretch, but then again, have you seen his interviews? I can’t seem to decide whether he’s a genius or an absolutely crazy lunatic, and I often veer between both conclusions.

Anyway, Life & Style claims that Kim has ‘transformed‘ from being a control freak to being a doormat since she’s gotten engaged, and she’s trying her best to please Kanye because she’s desperate for a ‘happy marriage‘. See, this is where the story veers away from reality. I’m sure Kanye’s being a ‘groomzilla‘ about the wedding and we know he’s a perfectionist, so I don’t doubt that he’s controlling every single aspect of the ceremony. However, Kim never ‘transformed’ – i.e. she was always a doormat. Before, it was Kris Jenner that was ‘controlling’ her decisions, and now it’s Kanye. How is it any different?

Of course, there’s not as much drama in that version, so Life & Style has gone with Kim’s ‘friends’ begging her to back out of the wedding. Apparently, Kim’s decisions to let Kanye choose her wedding dress and control who she sees on a daily basis is cause for concern. And if it was any other celebrity, I would agree. But since it’s Kim, I doubt she cares. And also, she has no ‘friends’ that would care enough to intervene, especially since it would benefit everyone if Kim married Kanye.

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