Oprah Winfrey Caught In Blackmail Scandal That Threatens Her Reputation (PHOTO)

Oprah Winfrey Caught In Blackmail Scandal That Threatens Her Reputation

According to an exclusive from the National Enquirer, Oprah Winfrey is caught in a worldwide blackmail scandal that could threaten her reputation and everything she’s worked for all these years.

According to the report, a new lawsuit reveals that Oprah’s involved in a sex tape cover-up as well as a ‘showdown with a gun‘. I have a hard time believing that Oprah was involved in a sex tape scandal, although it’s easier to believe that she was involved in some violent incident. Oprah always tries to play the mediator, and it could have easily backfired on her, especially if it involved a weapon.

When it comes to the sex tape, it’s a little bit harder to believe that Oprah had anything to do with it, only because she’s been so publicly against them in the past. Plus, it’s Oprah freaking Winfrey. She may have some secrets, but involvement in a sex tape scandal? Unlikely. If she did really have a secret that big, it would have come out by now, one way or another.

Although most of this week’s cover of the Enquirer focuses on the alleged scandals surrounding Oprah, there’s also a feature on Paula Deen‘s split with her husband, and how he walked out after finding out about Paula’s ‘cheating shocker’. I’m sorry, but does anybody care about this? Paula’s racism scandal was actually relevant to the public discussion, so it made headlines. But after a certain point in a celebrity’s life, I think the public stops caring about their romantic endeavors, especially when that someone is Paula Deen.

What do you guys think about the sex tape and gun scandal that Oprah’s supposedly involved in? And do you care about Paula’s marriage troubles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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