Leonardo DiCaprio Pulls Diva Move At Halloween Party

Leonardo DiCaprio Pulls Diva Move At Halloween Party

Leonardo DiCaprio, a diva? At this point, nothing would surprise me. Although I was always said that despite his behavior with the paparazzi and media [and his love life shenanigans], Leo was always lovely with his fans and with the public in general. Alas, this latest story from Star Magazine definitely contradicts that.

Star claims that Leo pulled a diva move at the celebrity infested Casamigos Halloween party in Los Angeles on October 25th. Despite the fact that he was partially hidden, he supposedly got pissy when the event organizer didn’t recognize him.

A source tells Star, “Leo told her his first name, but she still didn’t know who he was. Meanwhile, the Shahs of Sunset cast members strolled right in. Finally, he yanked off his mask and shouted, “Are you kidding me? I’m Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m going in!’ He was livid, and the poor girl almost lost her job!” 

On the one hand, it is Star Magazine and their ratio of accurate stories to fan fiction is probably 1:100. However, this seems like too random of a story to not bear a kernel of truth. It was reported that Leo actually was at that Casamigos party and he was wearing a black mask so the paparazzi wouldn’t get any pictures of him there. Also, his loyal lapdog friend Lukas Haas was also pictured there, and we know that wherever Leo is, Lukas isn’t far behind.

So did Leo actually pull a diva move and almost get this girl fired? I mean, he couldn’t have possibly expected her to recognize him with a mask on, right? Or maybe he thought that he would be the only Leo at the party?

One thing’s for sure – if this story’s true, Leo needs to get his head out of his ass and learn to bring his ego back to Earth.

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