Robert Pattinson Knows Kristen Stewart Not Good For Him, Can’t Let Go

Robert Pattinson Knows Kristen Stewart Not Good For Him, Can't Let Go

All the tabloids were proven correct when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were photographed together last week. Although it hasn’t technically been confirmed that they are back together or even hooking up, what else would they be doing holed up at Rob’s house for hours on end? The public isn’t stupid, and I think we can all agree that #RobstenUnbroken is actually a thing now.

Anyway, Star Magazine has this interesting new report on how Rob knows that Kristen isn’t good for him, but can’t control himself from going back to her. You know, kind of like crack.

A source tells Star, “Rob knows that Kristen is not good for him, but he just can’t let her go… he’s hooked up with her a few times but has been adamant that no one knows because he feels like an idiot taking her back again. Rob has been playing the field to try to move on from Kristen… but he just can’t let go.”

Of course he doesn’t want anybody to know – everybody already thinks he’s a huge wimp for getting back together with Kristen after she cheated on him, and this little reunion isn’t doing his image any favors. But you know, Kristen might have magic lady parts that keeps drawing him back in, because I don’t understand why else he would have such a hard time getting over her. Yes, he was with her for three years. But dude, she freaking cheated on you and humiliated you in front of the whole world! Grow a pair of balls!

You know what the solution is? He needs to get out of Los Angeles. All he does there is mope and party, and going back to London would give him a fresh perspective and change in scenery, and it would bring him back to his old friends and family. At least they would knock some sense into him.

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