Kate Upton In Talks To Join Entourage Film

Kate Upton In Talks To Join Entourage Film

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. I can continue saying that over and over again, but this latest bit of casting news makes me a little nauseous. It’s not that I don’t like Kate Upton – on the contrary, I’m happy that a model that with actual curves is gaining the success that she’s managed in the notoriously sizeist fashion industry. In fact, it’s for this very reason I want her to have nothing to do with the upcoming Entourage movie, a film that is sure to be the very definition of sexist.

The television show, while mindlessly entertaining, had its moments of cringe-worthy scenes and horrid female character development. And if the producers are really interested in casting Kate Upton, as the reports claim, I just have a bad feeling about how they’re going to use her as a character.Although she’s in ‘early talks’ to come abroad, I’m really hoping she doesn’t take the role. I know that strong female roles are slim pickings, but agreeing to the typical hot chick role in an Entourage film will only typecast her into those types of roles forever – especially since her acting debut alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman was also a similar role.

What do you guys think? Do you think she should just take the role, since she might not get offered another one anytime soon? Or should she be more picky? Of course, there’s also the question of why she even wants to be an actress in the first place. Why are all these models suddenly trying to become actresses, and vice versa? I don’t get why music, modeling, and acting ever needs to mix, and increasingly, it seems like that’s become the trend.

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