Tiger Woods Opens Up About Lindsey Vonn Relationship, Claims They’re A Good Match

Tiger Woods Opens Up About Lindsey Vonn Relationship, Claims They're A Good Match

Tiger Woods needs all the good press he can get right now, which is probably one of the reasons he had girlfriend Lindsey Vonn giving interviews about him. However, he’s also taking to the spotlight, and in a new interview with CNN, he attempts some major image overhaul.

Lindsey recently called Tiger ‘goofy’ and ‘dorky’ in an interview, no doubt trying to endear him to the hundreds of fans he lost during his cheating scandal. When asked about Lindsey’s comments, Tiger stated that she is correct, explaining, “I guess so. My teammates used to call me ‘Urkel’ back in college.” 

He also tries to make it seem as though he and Lindsey are oh-so-serious by opening about their relationship in detail and explaining, “I like to have fun. I enjoy life. I’m very competitive. I think that’s why we get along so well. I think we understand the work ethic that it takes.” 

He also talks a lot about work ethic and commitment, trying to distract people from the fact that he was a cheating philanderer. In addition, he uses his kids as a deflection from the media criticism, which shouldn’t really be surprising. At this point, Tiger Woods is no longer a name that is uttered with reverence or respect. Sure, he’s still a great golf player and will always be the man that revolutionized the game. But when people say his name in the future, will he be remembered for his game or all the public scandals surrounding his private life?

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