Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Hit Out Against Divorce Rumors

Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Hit Out Against Divorce Rumors

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been at the center of tabloid rumors for a solid few months now, and they’re sick of it. The rumors have been vacillating from Tim cheating on Faith, to Faith getting tired of Tim and leaving him. However, it seems that Faith and Tim have finally hit their boiling point with the tabloids and the rumors. They’ve opened up about the constant speculation, and have asked tabloids to stop printing these stories.

At their tag team show ‘Soul2Soul’ at the Venetian resort in Las Vegas this past weekend, Faith told the waiting reporters, “I wish people would stop buying that stuff, and I wish they’d just stop printing that stuff. Happy is good. I don’t know why happy can’t be a story.”Both Faith and Tim stated very definitively that they were not breaking up, with Tim adding that the rumors of their divorce have been circulating since the duo first got married.

While I’m sure it’s exhausting living in that state, ‘happy’ unfortunately doesn’t sell tabloids. Being in the public eye means constant subjection to the media spotlight, and that unfortunately comes with the rumors and speculation. Tim and Faith do seem particularly popular targets of the media, and that’s likely because of their fame and their lifestyles. Both work hard and party hard, and their names sell quite a lot of magazines.

What do you guys think of Faith’s and Tim’s comments? Do you think the tabloids will actually heed them, and stop reporting on them so much? Or will it continue as always? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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