Fifty Shades Of Grey NC-17 Version To Be Released In Theaters

Fifty Shades Of Grey NC-17 Version To Be Released In Theaters

Reading Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s almost difficult to imagine how the source material could be brought down to a Rated R. Nowadays, it’s a rarity to even see sex in movies, with large studios preferring to keep the material tame to ensure a PG-13 rating and maximize their box office potential.

However, there is simply no way to get a PG-13 rating on Fifty Shades of Grey. Not only would the fans be furious, but a legitimate adaptation of the movie’s hard enough to make into an R, much less Pg-13. But really, wouldn’t a more loyal adaptation of the film be NC-17?One of the producers of the film, Dana Brunetti, says exactly as much. He explains that they’re thinking of possibly releasing an NC-17 version of the movie in theaters, adding, “I always thought it would be really cool if we released the R version and then we had an NC-17 version that we released a few weeks later. So everybody could go and enjoy the R version, and then if they really wanted to see it again and get a little bit more gritty with it, then have that NC-17 version out there as well.” 

Well, I don’t know about ‘gritty’, but it’ll definitely be more raunchy. Brunetti also doesn’t hold back on the casting debacle with Charlie Hunnam, but he does add that he thinks the film will be better off with unknown actors, which is where they are now. In that respect, I actually completely agree. This way, Dakota Johnson‘s and Jamie Dornan’s careers aren’t at risk if the film fails at the box office, and their careers will be launched if the film succeeds. Everyone wins. Except the studio.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see an NC-17 version of the film, or are you happy with an R? Let us know in the comments.

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