LeAnn Rimes Wants To Take Full Custody Of Brandi Glanville’s Children

LeAnn Rimes Wants To Take Full Custody Of Brandi Glanville's Children

Jeez, what has this feud descended into? According to a new [and very extensive] report on LeAnn Rimes, a source claims that LeAnn has become desperate to gain full custody of Brandi Glanville‘s children. Mind you, this is not for some selfless reason, but to rub it in Brandi’s face.

The source explains that LeAnn is trying to prove that Brandi has a drug problem, saying, “LeAnn wants to prove Brandi is an unfit mother, she wants full custody of the boys. She’s trying to start rumors that Brandi has drugs in her home, so she interrogates the boys whenever they come over. But there doesn’t seem to be much truth to this.” Since there’s no truth to the rumors, LeAnn’s trying to use Twitter to make them up. The source adds, “LeAnn has seen tweets Brandi has written saying she was taking a Xanax, so she opened up new Twitter accounts with fake names to tweet back. LeAnn tweets Brandi things like, ‘You cokehead’ and ‘You drug addict.’”

Apparently, LeAnn’s hubby Eddie Cibrian wants her to stop this crazy behavior, but knowing LeAnn, she definitely won’t. Maybe this is one of the reasons that Eddie has finally gotten sick of LeAnn, and is planning on dumping her. Maybe he realizes that LeAnn’s spite for Brandi has gotten out of control, and he’s actually thinking of putting his sons’ well-being first.

Oh, who am I kidding? There’s no way either Eddie or LeAnn would jeopardize the future of their reality show. LeAnn will continue starting inane feuds with Brandi and continue trying to steal her boys, and Eddie will be too busy preening for the cameras to notice or stop it.