OJ Simpson Definitely Khloe Kardashian’s Father

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OJ Simpson Definitely Khloe Kardashian's Father

It’s not secret that Kris Jenner and OJ Simpson were close back in the eighties, perhaps even close enough to have had an affair. However, those rumors have now led to the possibility that Khloe Kardashian‘s biological father is OJ Simpson, not the late Robert Kardashian.

Ouch. Poor Khloe. According to the cover issue of In Touch Weekly, ‘Khloe’s life has been turned upside down‘ by the allegations that she might not even be a Kardashian, but the daughter of ‘America’s most notorious criminal’. Plus, there’s also the fact that Khloe’s dealing with the whole Lamar Odom problem right now, which means that in addition to possibly losing her husband, she could lose her place in the family. Well, in all seriousness, there’s little to no way her paternity is going to be proven, considering OJ isn’t exactly making a claim or calling for a paternity test. Plus, Khloe does look very similar to her sisters, but that might just be the strong Kris Jenner genes being passed on.

In Touch also has a report on how Miley Cyrus is ‘beggingLiam Hemsworth to take her back, which just comes off as a bit egregious. Miley’s doing just fine with her partying and craziness, and Liam’s seemed far more peaceful since the breakup – I doubt either of them are getting back together, and I doubt either of them even want to.

There’s also a feature on Kelly Clarkson‘s pregnancy [because the public loves pregnancies], and also an interview with NeNe Leakes about her recent health scare.

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