Kim Kardashian Trying To ‘Calm’ Kanye West Down in Miami (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Trying To 'Calm' Kanye West Down in Miami (PHOTOS)

Is Kim Kardashian trying to ‘calmKanye West down? According to a report from OK! Magazine, Kim’s sick and tired of Kanye’s temper, and she’s trying her best to get him to chill out.

A source tells OK!, “She has him doing these calming breathing exercises, where you plug one side of your nose and breathe awhile, then switch. She says it’s helping him count to 10 before he yells.”Apparently, in addition to Kim, North West is getting affected by Kanye’s anger management issues. Apparently, when Kanye experiences technical issues while on tour, Kim faces the brunt of his anger. The source also adds, “When Kanye yells, Nori instantly starts to cry. Seeing how his temper is affecting his baby helps more than anything.”

Hmm. Kanye’s definitely not good at controlling his anger, but it’s quite a claim to make that he’s emotionally abusive to his fiance and daughter – because that’s what this. Taking out your anger on your wife ends up damaging to the psyche, and who’s to say that won’t lead to longer lasting psychological effects on Kim? And maybe even physical violence? I mean, Kanye constantly beats up the paparazzi at the lightest provocation, so it wouldn’t really be difficult to believe that he’s the same way at home.

Anyway, Kim has apparently instituted a ‘swear jar’ at home, except instead of swearing, it’s for every time Kanye ends up on one of his rants. Uh, yeah, I don’t think that’s going to work. Dealing with anger is a long-term commitment, and I don’t know if Kanye’s that committed to solving his problem.

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Photo Credit: Instagram and FameFlynet

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