Paul Walker Death Due To Car Speed Over 100 MPH – Cops Claim

Paul Walker Death Due To Car Speed Over 100 MPH - Cops Claim

Paul Walker‘s death came as a shock to everyone this weekend, and there is still a lot of speculation over the exact cause of death. We know that Paul was driving his new Porsche Carerra GT Saturday afternoon, before it hit a pole and exploded, killing Paul and the driver instantly. Cops are attributing the crash to speed, claiming that the car was going over a 100 mph in a 45 mph zone.

A source explains to Radar, “Though the investigation is in its early stages, investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believe the Porsche was going over 100 mph. Both men were seat belts… (but) if the Porsche wouldn’t have hit the pole, Paul and Roger would likely still be alive today.”It’s likely that Roger Rodas, the driver of the vehicle and Paul’s good friend, lost control of the car at that speed, which led to the car wrapping around the pole. The car was also practically split in half after hitting the pole, which is why the police and investigators are attributing the accident to speed.

Sources also add that the police are investigating the possibility of Paul and his friend drag racing, but that seems to be a lesser possibility – if they were drag racing, where’s the evidence of the other cars, or other people’s involvement? There was a tip that there was a second ‘mystery car‘ at the scene on Saturday, but that’s not a guarantee of anything.

What do you guys think? Do you think Paul’s death was due to the speed of the car? And do you think they might have been drag racing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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