Kelly Ripa Furious Over Husband Mark Consuelos’ TV Hookup (PHOTO)

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Kelly Ripa Furious Over Husband Mark Consuelos' TV Hookup (PHOTO)

The cover story of this week’s National Enquirer claims that Kelly Ripa is furious at husband Mark Consuelos‘ TV hookup. A source tells the Enquirer, “Kelly Ripa is furious over the ‘other woman’ her husband Mark Consuelos has been hooking up with in erotic scenes on his new Internet TV show. Mark can’t stop talking about his Alpha House co-star Yara Martinez.”

The source also adds, “Mark and Yara are pretty hot together… but he’s got to remember he’s also ‘Mr. Kelly Ripa’ and better watch his step.” The Enquirer claims that Kelly’s threatened Mark in the past, telling him to stop flirting with his co-workers and co-stars. If this report is true, he’s clearly treading on thin ice.The Enquirer also has a report on Blake Shelton and a supposed ‘murder probe‘. Uh….ok. Miranda Lambert is supposedly ‘rocked‘ by this ‘shocking confession’. There’s not much else we can say about this ludicrous sounding report without more knowledge.

Of course, since every tabloid is covering Paul Walker‘s death, it’s pretty much become the norm this week. The Enquirer has a feature on the supposed ‘secret he took to his fiery grave‘, and the ‘heartbreak‘ of his 15-year-old daughter Meadow Walker. This is what some of the media has been reduced to – making up assumptions to take advantage of Paul’s death and gain hits. There’s a difference between reporting the news, and then starting to make things up about secrets that Paul supposedly had and what he took with him to the grave.

There’s also a feature on Paula Deen and how her family violence has ‘exploded’, including beatings, broken bones, hospital drama, etc.

What do you guys think of this week’s issue of the Enquirer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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