Jennifer Aniston Ready To Become Single Mother (PHOTO)

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Jennifer Aniston Ready To Become Single Mother

According to the latest cover issue of OK!, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant – again. The report states that Jennifer is determined to raise her baby alone, since Justin Theroux has apparently abandoned her and run off to NYC. I think this marks the 200th time that Jennifer has become pregnant, according to OK! and other tabloids.

Anyway, the report also claims that Jennifer spent weeks of fighting with Justin and now that they’re apart, she’s finally made her decision. Since they’re breaking up [or so the report claims], Jennifer will reportedly raise this pretend baby by herself, without Justin’s or anyone else’s help.I have to say, isn’t it kind of sad that the tabloids are so desperate to make Jennifer out to be this sad, lonely victim who’s desperate for motherhood? Especially since, for all intents and purposes, she’s absolutely fine with her life and shows no desire to become a mother. I mean, if she really wanted kids, she could easily follow in Charlize Theron‘s and Sandra Bullock‘s footsteps and adopt, right?

There’s also a feature on Kendra Wilkinson‘s new baby, and Kendra’s exclusive news about the baby being a girl. Does anyone care about Kendra anymore? No, really?

Also, Paul Walker‘s death is still making headlines, and OK! suggests that Paul ‘didn’t have to die’. See, there’s a difference between reporting facts about his death and then writing rumors that could seriously hurt his family. Tabloids are all over supermarkets, and imagine his daughter or family member seeing this story, knowing that Paul died in an accident and having a tabloid suggest that he didn’t need to die.

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