Pregnant Kelly Clarkson Humiliated By Husband Brandon Blackstock’s Cheating

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Pregnant Kelly Clarkson Humiliated By Husband Brandon Blackstock's Cheating

Kelly Clarkson has unfortunately been at the center of several tabloid rumors this week, thanks to the allegations of her husband’s infidelity. According to the latest cover issue of Star Magazine, a pregnant Kelly has been ‘betrayed‘ by her new husband, Brandon Blackstock.

It’s only been two months since the couple got married, but there are already several reports claiming that Brandon has been unfaithful to Kelly. Apparently, Kelly’s absolutely humiliated and devastated, and doesn’t know how to react to the news. The report also suggests that Kelly and Brandon could already be on their way to a divorce, especially if there are any more women who come forward.There’s also a featured story on Olivia Newton-John, and her experiences with plastic surgery, drugs, and a heartbreaking divorce.

Also, there’s a report on Jessica Simpson’s alleged ‘extreme diet‘, and how it has reportedly backfired. The report claims that Jessica has developed scary rashes on her chest, a side effect of trying certain foods that may not suit your system. Maybe the Weight Watchers diet isn’t suiting her, after all.

Amanda Bynes has also been released from the psych ward after months of rehabilitation and evaluation, and she finally seems better. Star claims to have access to her secret pysch ward diaries, which would reveal insight into Amanda’s mind while she was still locked up and deemed crazy.

What do you guys think about Brandon’s rumored infidelity and Kelly’s reaction? Do you think he actually cheated, and do you think Brandon and Kelly will break up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Credit: Star

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