Bruce Jenner Turning Into A Woman? (PHOTO)

Bruce Jenner Turning Into A Woman? (PHOTO)

The latest cover issue of the National Enquirer alleges that President Obama‘s marriage has finished, and that Michelle Obama was ‘humiliated’ at Nelson Mandela‘s memorial. Apparently, Obama ‘cozied’ up to the ‘sexy‘ Danish prime minister, which apparently left Michelle fuming.

This whole story has been put together using clever camera angles and misleading pictures. First of all, the main image of Obama and the Danish prime minister laughing and Michelle looking on – well, Michelle has what you would call a ‘resting bitch face’. Look it up, it’s a common facet of many people’s appearances where even if they’re not upset, that’s just how their face looks. Michelle has proved time and time again that she’s actually not upset, even when she looks like this. It’s just the photographer capturing the opportune picture and then selling it to the Enquirer to make up their crackpot stories.

Then, the report alleges that other things went on ‘behind closed doors‘ after Obama kissed the Danish prime minister – again using a picture with clever camera angles to make it seem like he actually made out with her, when in fact he just kissed her on the cheek, as is custom.

So all this nonsense of Obama ‘shaming’ America and Michelle ‘having enough‘ is just that: nonsense.

Plastic surgery also seems to be a hot topic for tabloids this week, since there’s yet another feature focusing on plastic surgery shockers in Hollywood. According to the report, Kirsie Alley has received drastic liposuction to reduce her double chin and make her face more contoured. The report also claims that Bruce Jenner is going through a sex-change and becoming a woman, especially with the amount of facial plastic surgery and hormone medicine he’s been taking. Well, Bruce has definitely been through some drastic facial reconstruction, but he still hasn’t gone that far.

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