Christina Aguilera Photoshopped Beyond Belief, Claims Her ‘Diet’ Is Better Than Liposuction (PHOTO)

Christina Aguilera Photoshopped Beyond Belief, Claims Her 'Diet' Is Better Than Liposuction (PHOTO)

The nerve of some tabloids never fails to surprise and shock me. Christina Aguilera‘s always been photoshopped on magazine covers, but both her face and body on the latest cover issue of Life & Style Magazine have been so drastically photoshopped that they’re barely recognizable anymore. For comparison’s sake, the issue decides to post a picture from a year ago, when Christina was supposedly at [the still very slim] 135 pounds. Um, she was way more than that and everyone knows it, but fine – we’ll let the lies pile on.

Then, Life & Style’s cover juxtaposes that with the supposedly ‘new’ photo of Christina, claiming that her diet is better than lipo. According to the report, after she was accused of having lipo and other weight loss procedures, she has supposedly come forward and revealed how she ‘really lost’ the 35 pounds and has now come down to a 100 pounds. If that wasn’t enough, the shameless cover also adds, ‘Steal her get-thin-quick tricks’, as if such tricks actually exist.Let’s be real for a second – there’s no way Christina lost all that weight so quickly. She may have lost SOME of the pregnancy weight, which definitely had her way more than 135 pounds a year ago. But she didn’t lost all of it, and you only need to see candids of her to know that she doesn’t even look close to what she looks like on the cover of Life & Style.

Life & Style also contains a report about Kate Middleton and her possible second pregnancy. Could Kate and Will be ready to have their second child?

Julia Roberts is also shilling August: Osage County like nobody’s business [she really wants that Oscar nomination], and has decided to speak to Life & Style about the ‘secret to her happy marriage.’

There are also several ‘details’ revealed about Khloe Kardashian‘s divorce, and her supposed ‘new man’ in Matt Kemp.

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