Dance Moms Season 4 Preview: The Dance Moms Declare War on Abby (VIDEO)

Dance Moms Season 4 Preview: The Dance Moms Declare War on Abby (VIDEO)

Dance Moms is one of those shows that we can’t stop watching because, most of the time, we simply can’t believe how these mothers respond to their daughters’ dancing lives. Abby Lee Miller, the show’s dance dictator, is crazy—please don’t think we believe she’s anywhere close to being a bundle of sunshine—but sometimes the moms she must put up with are just as insane, if not moreso!

Season 4 of Dance Moms  kicks off with “Dance Moms Special: Guess Who’s Coming to the Dance?” and sets the stage for an epic season wherein Abby will embark upon a national scouting tour in search of America’s best young dancers for her team. There’s just one problem . . . the dance moms, those whose daughters are already part of Abby’s company, aren’t too keen on welcoming new dancers to their stages. So they’ll be doing everything they can to ensure that their daughters outshine, outsparkle, and outlast the competition.

Sure, it’s all for drama and good/fun entertainment, but at the end of the day the series encourages parents to ask themselves a very important question: Just how involved should parents be in their children’s extracurricular activities—and at what point do they begin smothering them? If you’re a fan of Dance Moms, let us know how you react to the mothers’ antics and their incessant desires to push their daughters onto the frontlines.

Check out the newest promo video below, which features Abby, her dancers, and the moms. The video features the song “Take on Me” by the Norwegian synthpop bad A-ha and injects the creative clip with just the right amount of energy—the kind of energy we’re looking forward to experiencing during the most anticipated season of Dance Moms yet!  Click Here to Learn More About Dance Moms.

The new season of “Dance Moms” premieres Wednesday, January 1, 2014, at 9pm PT/ET, with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT


Disclosure: I’m participating in this campaign with Totally Her on behalf of Dance Moms. I received compensation for participating in this campaign. All opinions are 100% my own.

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