Tom Cruise Drops $50 Million Lawsuit Against Life & Style – Bauer

Tom Cruise Drops $50 Million Lawsuit Against Life & Style - Bauer

Tom Cruise has dropped his $50 million deposition against Life & Style magazine, after months of court depositions that did nothing but embarrass him. At this point, he really didn’t have much of an option. If he continued down the path he was on, the depositions would have been increasingly more personal and his public image would have continued taking hit after hit – something he can’t afford with several major film releases on the horizon.

Anyway, the lawsuit was reportedly dismissed on Friday, with both Bauer Media [parent company of Life & Style] and Tom agreeing to pay their own, separate legal costs.Well, this is just a case of Tom biting off more than he can chew. He thought that with the considerable weight of his lawyers behind him, he’d be able to go up against a big corporation. But even if Life & Style is made up of fan fiction writers and editors, Bauer Media isn’t – and they weren’t afraid to fight dirty. They made sure to poke and prod at all the holes in Tom’s stories, including his abandonment of Suri Cruise, and the reasons behind his divorce from Katie Holmes.

There were no doubt some embarrassing revelations from those court sessions, and Tom’s lawyers didn’t help matters when they decided to compare Jews and gays to cotton-picking slaves. Again, is anyone surprised? Tom’s lawyers, a.k.a. Scientology’s lawyers, have proved that they don’t know when to back down, and I have a feeling Tom’s Hollywood contacts kicked in here and told him to drop the case. Drawing attention to his personal life is only going to hurt his professional career right now.

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