Will Tori Spelling Have To Deal With Dean McDermott’s Love Child?!

Will Tori Spelling Have To Deal With Dean McDermott's Love Child?!

Could a secret love-child be the final nail in the once strong Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott’s marriage? We hope not although according to InTouch,A source close to Dean’s other woman — 28-year-old Canadian Emily Goodhand — reveals to In Touch that “Dean and Emily had sex several times over the weekend of Dec. 6,” referring to their Toronto hookup. “She isn’t on birth control — and they had sex without a condom.”  That just sounds particularly dumb, as if Dean wants to hurt Tori .  Many of us are trying to figure out why.

The two of them were always so happy when we saw them, but could it have all been a lie? The articles goes on to say that Dean was supposed to have a vasectomy last year and due to money constraints he had to put it off. Seeing as he and Tori have had 4 children so close together then the vasectomy seemed like the best idea for them. Yet according to the mag, the vasectomy was less about protecting his wife. Never mind that she nearly died after the last child! No, he was getting the procedure because he had gained a reputation of not being “careful”.

Emily must have heard the rumors because as a certain commentator pointed out she has her people conveniently bringing up a pregnancy three weeks after their last  alleged encounter. Well played to Emily. What she did was wrong and, you know what, when Tori did the same to Dean’s first wife then she was wrong too! How you get a man is how you’ll lose him!

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