An All-New Season of Dance Moms Premieres Tonight 01/01/14

An All-New Season of Dance Moms Premieres Tonight 01/01/14

If there’s one show on television that we’re quite eager to jump back into it’s Dance Moms, Lifetime’s popular reality series featuring Abby Lee Miller, her award-winning youth dance company, and the catty moms that make observing from the sidelines so interesting. Abby adheres to a particular philosophy that has her dancers and moms constantly on their toes: Everyone is replaceable. While the team has always understood Abby’s philosophy, they best take Abby Miller’s Absolute Truth to heart this season, now more than ever, as Abby will embark on a nationwide tour in an effort to seek out fresh legs worthy of her company.

The world of youth dancing is cut throat, intense, and, as Abby will tell you, there’s no room for weakness. It will be interesting to see who Abby finds on her scouting trip and whether or not she’ll discover anybody worthy enough to replace one (or more!) of her veteran dancers.

In the newest video telling viewers about the season premiere, Abby’s intense personality shines at the forefront. Take a look at the sneak peek preview below and let us know what you’re looking most forward to on Dance Moms season 4.

You best tune in – we will! Dance Moms premieres TONIGHT,  January 1, 2014, at 9pm PT/ET on Lifetime, with new episodes airing every Tuesday at 9pm ET/PT.

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