Mark Ballas Is Giving up DWTS In Order to Be A Professional Choreographer

Mark Ballas Is Giving up DWTS In Order to Be A Professional Choreographer

Well, its not like he’s won in a while. Mark Ballas is seriously considering giving up his day job in order to pursue a more lucrative career. And after being on Dancing With the Stars from almost the very beginning he might have a point. It’s been what 12 seasons already for him and to be frank he’s only won twice. Maybe the show just isn’t for him anymore!

People seem to think the dancing is easy when it’s not. It takes a lot out of the dancer. For him to give the show his all and constantly receive little in return must have hurt. But probably nothing hurt worse than when Julianne came back to be a guest judge. At the time, she did what none of the other judges would do. She called Mark out for his self-sabotaging.  You see as many faithful fans have picked over the years – Mark tends to out dance his partner all the time! Yes he is a professional but that doesn’t mean he should show his partner up.

Mark hated that criticism and even appeared to be angry with Julianne over it. So, no it wouldn’t surprise us if Mark were to soon quit. He’s always trying to branch anyway. He’s still going after his music career and recently it was reported he choreographed a commercial for Pepsi .  It wasn’t any old commercial either. It was for their featured time slot during the Superbowl.

Pepsi, which will sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show, will run a two-and-a-half-minute ad featuring past NFL players Shannon Sharpe, Mike Ditka, Terry Bradshaw and Deion Sanders singing and dancing.(USA Today)

Here’s hoping Mark found a new career for himself!

See the teaser ad below!

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