A Full House Reunion – See The Super Bowl Commercial Video HERE!

A Full House Reunion - See The Super Bowl Commercial Video HERE!

Sorry fans but there will not be a Full House Reunion. The closest anyone can get though is a commercial for the upcoming Superbowl that was posted earlier today on youtube. The stars of the show John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier reunited for Dannon Oikos yogurt. In which they appear to make fun of their beloved characters by still being three grown men living together. As us fans know, their characters had chosen to live together in order to raise the kids and the commercial implies that certain habits really hard to break. Regardless of the kids not being there!

It was cute commercial. Although it did make me miss the good old days. I mean come on where were the ladies. I highly doubt the Olsen was ever going to make an appearance and yet what about all the other ladies that were in the cast. Not to throw a shade or anything,but Candace Cameron Bure desperately needs some good press right now.  She received a lot of backlash after she admitted to being a submissive wife in her marriage. Someone had even written “DJ Tanner Would Be Ashamed of Her”. Well what better way to reclaim her image than short skit in the commercial.  Unless no one asked her to join…

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