#RichKids of Beverly Hills Got Attacked on Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show – Did She Plan It to Improve Ratings?

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Got Attacked on Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show - Did She Plan It to Improve Ratings?

Bethenny Frankel had an interesting show on Monday. If interesting suddenly replaced disaster in the vocabulary! The former housewife of New York wanted to shakes things up at the office by having the stars of #RichKids of Beverly Hills come on her show however after what’s happened its doubtable they’ll ever make a second trip. The reality stars were humiliated almost to the point that it made me wondered if the audience was deliberately told to go on the attack.

The crowd skewered the entitled millenials after Bethenny Frankel revealed that cast member Jonny Drubel thought the average American person’s household income was $100,000 and that milk cost $9 a gallon.

These people are out of touch with everyday life. Come on, we knew this back from the promos so why all the hate. The stars of  a show with that name were never going to understand how hard everybody has been struggling lately and expecting them to seems really dumb.

Not that they didn’t deserve a little criticism for not knowing current events. I think even elementary school children know more than Johnny Drubel at this point. So do these “kids” need to read a paper every now and then? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated like villains simply for having money. Prejudice does work both ways, people!

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