Jean-Claude Van Damme Fighting A Tiger – Welcome to the Jungle Trailer Review

Jean-Claude Van Damme Fighting A Tiger - Welcome to the Jungle Trailer Review

The newest trailer out right now is for a little movie called Welcome to the Jugnle. You might not have gotten a chance to hear about it yet and before today neither did I. I hate to say it, but it wasn’t until it became a Redband trailer filled with good old fashioned crude language  did I truly become interested. Otherwise I would have signed the movie off as a comedy and kept it rolling which as I now see would only have hurt me.

The film is about “a corporate getaway led by a stone-faced Jean-Claude Van Damme where a bunch of pencil-necks fight amongst each other for supremacy.”   The list of funny people in this includes the perennially underrated Rob Huebel, the squeaky-voiced Kristen Schaal (who suffers quite the indignity in this trailer), and Adam Brody (who, shade-throwing aside, has really had a rough filmography in the past decade). ” Basically a funnier version of the Lord of the Flies with adults and orgies.

What really adds to the humor though in Jean-Claude Van Damme.   ure, he’s keeping up with his action man person, but there’s also something hilarious about the way he tries to use his karate moves to fight the call of mother nature. A high kick isn’t the answer for everything, my dear!

Still as I should point out this isn’t a movie for everyone. As in don’t take you kids or people that never found Adam Sandler or  the movie Old School funny.  This isn’t their type of crowd. For the rest of us though, it’s worth viewing!

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