Kim Kardashian Backtracks On Her Comments About Khloe Kardashian’s Fertility Treatments!

Kim Kardashian Backtracks On Her Comments About Khloe Kardashian's Fertility Treatments!

When will she ever learn to stop talking. No one can twist your words if there aren’t literally handed ammo fro the source. Kim Kardashian feels she needs to clarify her earlier statement about little sister, Khloe Kardashian‘s, fertility treatments. She had made the comment that Khloe was essentially ignoring her fertility doctors because she didn’t want to have a baby with husband, Lamar Odom. Many instantly took that to mean that Khloe never wanted children when in fact the opposite is true. As Kim is now saying, Khloe had a change of heart during her treatment.

 “Khloé did start fertility and she wanted to have a baby, but I believe in the middle of the process she realized timing wasn’t good based on what was going on with her relationship.”

Khloe tried from the very beginning to get pregnant but had to change her mind when her marriage began to fall apart. She chose to first try and fix her marriage before bringing kids into the fold which was a very smart decision on her part. When reports were coming in of Lamar with newer mistresses every other week; everyone practically shouted at Khloe to leave him. If she had a baby or was pregnant by then its possible she never would have filed for divorce. Khloe might have taken Kourtney’s route in sticking out a bad relationship simply so that her kids grew up in a two parents household.

So it really is all’s well that ends well!

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