Is A Justin Bieber Intervention Underway?

Is A Justin Bieber Intervention Underway?

Justin Bieber could finally get the help and support he needs. Unlike many other celebrities that were once close to Justin – his mentor and friend, Usher, has never abandoned him. Usher was the one to take him in and introduced this once very sweet kid to the music industry. So it could be affection or it could be guilt but I’m glad someone responsible has decided to take charge.

While drinking is expected and maybe the use of marijuana is sort of a no-brainer, many feel that Justin’s latest actions (allegedly egging his neighbor’s house, getting pulled over for DUI in Miami) signify that something a lot more serious is going on.

It’s sad that Justin needs this type of reigning in.  Otherwise he wouldn’t need both Usher and Justin’s manager, Scooter, flying down to Panama to come fetch him. He’s just lucky they’re not the type of people who say they care and then continue to stay home and sit on their backside. Which by the way Justin’s mother and supposed love of life, Selena Gomez, almost seem too willing to do. As of yet there are only rumors of Patti flying down to see her son instead of actual sightings.

Hopefully, Usher or possibly Scooter will say whatever magic words necessary for Justin to seek help. He can’t keep pulling these stunts anymore and trying to play them off as pranks. Eventually someone is going to get hurt and we all hope it won’t be Justin.

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