The Newly Released “Maleficent” Trailer Promises Much More Than The Last SEE IT HERE!

The Newly Released "Maleficent" Trailer Promises Much More Than The Last SEE IT HERE!

They were plenty of surprises at last night Grammy’s but the one thing everyone was warned to look forward from the very beginning just happen to be the new trailer for Maleficent. Disney has been especially great lately and no, that’s not an empty comment. With last year’s release of Frozen; they’ve surely won their place back on top. Although I was worried about the Maleficent trailer. Don’t get me wrong – I love the classic fairytales but many have been worried about the use of CGI. The TV show Once Upon Time and even its spin-off had come under a lot of flak for their green screen. And with the movie being live action as well then of course people were going to wonder if it would sometimes share the same “look”.

Still last night’s debut appeared to be an improvement and not only because it showed more of Angelina Jolie. In the earlier trailers, she was always hinted at but no one got the full grasp of her being a villain. Luckily that was corrected. Although no one can be quite as excited as Lainey Gossip. “MUUUUUUUCH better than the sh-tty CGI previews we’ve seen so far. The effects still look Spice Girls Viva Forever and it is Disney, after all, so we’ll be holding hands by the end of it, no doubt, but the focus this time is on Angelina Jolie’s personality. She’s playing. She’s winking. She’s delivering her lines with just enough extra and a satisfying amount of BITCH.”

You see! Everyone can find something to be appreciative of!

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