Jonathan Banks Returns As His Beloved Character on Breaking Bad SpinOff “Better Call Saul”

Jonathan Banks Returns As His Beloved Character on 'Breaking Bad' SpinOff  'Better Call Saul"
‘Better Call Saul”  isn’t going to tell us about the aftermath Walter left behind on Breaking Bad. We all though the Breaking Bad spinoff would explore the last season of the original hit show but surprise – its a prequel. It has to be if they want Jonathan Banks to return as Mike Ehrmantraut!

A quick disclaimer: if you have yet to see season 5 then please turn back.  Otherwise continue to listen in to what we can expect from the spin off. “The one-hour prequel, which is being overlorded by BB creator Vince Gilligan and co-executive producer Peter Gould, will focus on Goodman’s legal wheeling and dealings before crossing paths with chemistry teacher-turned-crystal meth king Walter White (Bryan Cranston). The casting of Banks makes sense: In addition to serving as the head of security for drug and chicken lord Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), and later partnering up with Walter and Jesse (Aaron Paul), Mike worked as a PI/cleaner in association with Saul. Banks joined Breaking Bad at the end of season 2 and received an Emmy nomination in season 5 for his role, which ended when [SPOILER ALERT] Mike was murdered by Walt.”

A Mike before anyone got his hooks into him. Sounds interesting! Still rumors are circulating that we may see more of our favorite actors from the original. Saul was let in on many secrets and maybe through his eyes we’ll finally be able to see how everyone gained so much only to lose it all. I know I for one would love to see when Gustavo Fring climbed through the ranks! Could he be next one to join?

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