Is Mila Kunis Gaining Weight for A New Role – Motherhood?!

Is Mila Kunis Gaining Weight for A New Role - Motherhood?!

When everyone is thinking it – why can’t we? Mila Kunis has always been on the petite side and lately she appears to have gained some weight. Seeing she is petite, the wait could sometimes look more exaggerated than others. It’s like a Kim Kardashian effect. You can always tell when a short person has gained weight and she has. But what we’re curious about is the cause.

Looking back Mila, started to gain the weight in the past couple of months. Now we can usually speculate that she and Ashton Kutcher are probably eating  nothing but junk foot if  it wasn’t for OK magazine! They’re writing her pregnancy as a fact. Which is something we can’t ignore.

The report also alleges that Mila’s already put on ten pounds of pregnancy weight, with a picture attached from January 23rd that’s supposed to convince us that Mila’s gained weight. Tabloid pictures are notoriously misleading, and honestly, Mila does tend to put on some weight when she’s not filming – plus, the camera angle could be unflattering, considering she’s wearing a sweater in the pic.

A lot of people want to tear down weekly magazines when as it turns out you’d be surprised how many stories they’ve broken.  So we can’t really say anything definite until we gain further proof one way or the other. Sure, this can all be false but what  is it wasn’t. Wouldn’t we all like to see Demi Moore‘s reaction!

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