Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Hormone Therapy is Turning Him Into A Woman with Breasts

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Bruce Jenner Shopping At Becker Surf Shop

Bruce Jenner has oft been criticized for his feminine features, and hasn’t done much to counter those claims. In fact, it’s been his dream to become a woman for a long time and now that he is free of the monster that is Kris Kardashian Jenner, he plans to follow through on that dream.

Recent reports have provided updates on his slow transformation into a woman, even going so far as to say that he has fully begun the process to transition into a woman. On Jan 30, Dr. Phil weighed in and confirmed his belief that the former Olympian is possibly “in transition.”

Inside edition recently claimed the 64-year old estranged hubby of Kris Jenner is now showing signs of small breasts, is sporting a feminine hairstyle, and has had his nails polished into a French manicure! All of these sign seem to confirm what the tabloids have been claiming for months. Now, in more recent reports, the Enquirer has claimed that Bruce has a persona he is hoping to emulate…Brigitte Bardot. In fact, he has decided on Brigitte for his new name once his transformation is fully complete. After considering other possible names including Jennifer, Brenda, and Belle, it seems he is in favor of Brigitte as he thinks her whole persona is the epitome of feminine.

It has also been reported that Bruce hopes to be a guest judge on RuPaul’s drag race. As he has reportedly been cross-dressing for years, he may want to reserve a full-time space on the judge’s panel!


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