D.A Warns Judge Not To Go Easy On Chris Brown’s Assault Charge! – Will He Finally be Facing Jail Time?

D.A Warns Judge Not To Go Easy On Chris Brown's Assault Charge! - Will He Finally be Facing Jail Time?

Why wasn’t this the end of the line for Chris Brown? With so many chances after the Rihanna incident, you might have thought he would have gotten his act together. But No! Rather he kept up his same  behavior of fists first and then let the lawyers do the talking later. And now none of us are surprised that his infamous temper has once again nearly cost him his freedom. Chris Brown has  escaped jail for the umpteenth time seeing as the judge in his latest assault case would rather send him to rehab than send a celebrity to jail!

According to TMZ, “Chris Brown would have gone to jail today if L.A. prosecutors had their way … because they asked a judge to send him directly to the pokey.” If you’re thinking these prosecutors were too gung ho then you’d be wrong. They had a legitimate reason for pursuing sentencing and nobody, but Chris was the one to give it to them. Chris Brown was back in court because of an assault charge dating last October. He had allegedly beat some random guy to a pulp. And to be honest no one cares about his reasoning. What they do care about is that he was being charged with assault while currently on probation for an earlier assault. This should have resulted into a prison sentence and yet it didn’t!

The fact that the judge demanded 90 days rehab instead of actual repercussions just goes to show that celebrities will always get off lightly. This was the same judge that tried him in Rihanna’s case (so he saw the evidence and the photos stemming from both assault charges) and still he made a decision  based off someone’s status. That’s justice for you!

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