Philip Seymour Hoffman Overdose Death Typical Consequnce of Hollywood Pandering To Stars

Philip Seymour Hoffman Overdose Death Typical Consequnce of Hollywood Pandering To Stars

Start with a bit of depression. Add a little narcissism. Whatever you do, don’t forget an extra dose of insecurities.  Throw in an unhealthy amount of readily available money, sex and drugs, preceded by lots of pressure and anxiety. There you have it. This recipe, my friends, is the recipe for disaster, and unfortunately for celebrities, this cocktail of death is served up too frequently. The question remains, how are loved ones missing the window of opportunity to help these stars?

Sure, in an episode of Intervention, you see a struggling family attempting to get a loved one to rehab as they fight the idea tooth and nail. But this is celebrities we are talking about. They have the money for rehab, and they certainly have a team of hangers-on that should have their best interest in mind, and many even have relationships or husbands or wives. So how are these celebrities falling through the cracks and losing their lives to drugs when it seems so easy to force them to get help. One leak to the media about drug abuse, and almost always a celebrity is already one foot in the door at the closest rehab center.  So are the celebrity’s friends and loved ones turning a blind eye to their drug abuse? Are they surrounding themselves with losers who use as well? It seems to me these celebrities need someone who loves them and knows them to step in and do whatever it takes to get them help. Look at the many talented actors we’ve lost recently due to the killer that is heroin and/or other drugs.

Philip Seymour Hoffman; Cory Monteith; Heath Ledger; Amy Winehouse; Michael Jackson; Anna Nicole Smith; Britney Murphy; Whitney Houston; Cory Haim

Obviously, the list would be much longer if we weren’t focusing on recent deaths. Looking at the above names, likely you can remember something about the celebrities that may have contributed to their depression or tortured life. It begs the question, “Where were the loved ones and so-called friends who must have been able to see the signs of drug abuse?” It is becoming far more frequent that we hear about drug-related celebrity deaths. Could social media be chipping away at what is left of a celebrity’s self-esteem through the sometimes horrific things people say on Twitter and Instagram? Maybe the pressure to be thin or look a certain way is more than they can take. Time for their handlers to step in and help when needed and stop trying to simply keep the celebrities happy by any means necessary.

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