The Bachelor Episode 6 Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo Sends Home

The Bachelor Episode 6 Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo Sends Home

If you are a fan of The Bachelor, then you are most likely familiar with the infamous blogger Reality Steve.  Reality Steve has been spoiling The Bachelor for years, and posting the names of the winners of the seasons long before the season finale airs in ABC.  While some fans despise reading The Bachelor spoilers, the majority of us Bachelor junkies love reading Reality Steve’s 99 % accurate predictions of how the show will play out.

This week on Episode 5 of The Bachelor Juan Pablo sent home three of the bachelorettes, leaving just eight women remaining in the game.  Next week on Episode 6 of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo and the eight women that are left will travel to New Zealand, where he will send two more women home.

According to Reality Steve the two women Juan Pablo eliminates on Episode 6 of The Bachelor will be Cassandra Ferguson and Kat Hurd.  During their group date Juan Pablo will pull Cassandra aside and let her know that he is not feeling a connection between them, and send her home before the Rose Ceremony even starts.  Rumor has it, the day that Juan Pablo sends Cassandra home to Detroit is coincidentally also her birthday.  Ouch!  Happy Birthday Cassandra, now go home!  Kat Hurd has seemingly disappeared into the background in the last few episodes of The Bachelor, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that her time on The Bachelor will be coming to an end next week.

Do you think Reality Steve’s spoilers for Episode 6 of The Bachelor are correct?  Do you think Cassandra and Kat will really go home next week?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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