George Clooney and Jennifer Garner Read “Mean Tweets”: Has Jimmy Kimmel “Mean Tweets” Gone Too Far? (VIDEO)

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George Clooney and Jennifer Garner Read "Mean Tweets": Has Jimmy Kimmel "Mean Tweets" Gone Too Far? (VIDEO)
The show can never go too far! Not only is it meant in good fun but celebrities can always say no. Yes, Jimmy Kimmel‘s “Mean Tweets” Skit might end up hurting someone one day and yet the only someone that could be is Jimmy. As most of us know and have come to love, “Mean Tweets” are really just highlight for everyone sitting at home. The whole skit involves celebrities reading out loud “haters” tweets about themselves and sometimes its not too bad and other times it gets downright nasty. Not that this minor fact appears to be stopping anyone from continuing to take part.

Last night’s episode was literally an all star event for Kimmel’s couch and still everyone played along. Including my personal fave Matt Damon. Now Matt and Jimmy have had a hilarious love/hate  relationship from when Jimmy used to date Sarah Silverman. At the time, Sarah and Matt came out with their song “I’m f**king Matt Damon” and Jimmy came out with his own love song to Ben Affleck. So this feud is really for entertainment puposes but when it was Matt’s turn to read his ugly tweet he soon learned very quickly who wrote it. It didn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Jimmy was reciting the tweet because he already knew it by heart.

It was funny and definitely worthy of the both of them. That just have good chemistry which is lucky for Jimmy seeing as other people could have been tempted to hurt him!  There you see -these skits make people laugh. Admittedly, sometimes I do worry about the stars. They can go from looking surprised to angry in a matter of  seconds. But  here’s my stance: Some of them could actually get hurt by this and I’m going to feel bad for them on the inside while I laugh on the outside!

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