Lindsey Vonn Gives Tiger Wood An Ultimatum, Marry Me Or Get Lost

Lindsey Vonn Gives Tiger Wood An Ultimatum, Marry Me Or Get Lost

Lindsey Vonn is sidelined from a knee injury and, as a result, is not competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. So, she seems to have a lot of time on her hands, and she is using that time to coerce Tiger Woods into a marriage proposal.

Tiger has refrained from taking the next step in their relationship, and that is beginning to worry Lindsey. With the recent divorce of Tiger’s former lover, Rachel Uchitel and now ex-husband Matt Hahn, Lindsey fears that the rumors she’s heard about Rachel reaching out to Tiger in an effort to get back together are true. Now she’s making a full-court press to lock him in before anyone steers him away.

Lindsey’s been feeling insecure about the relationship, and her inability to compete in the Winter Olympics has only added to the breakdown of her self-confidence. She feels that Tiger has always been attracted to her athleticism and feels that is one thing that keeps him interested in her. She believes having a sports background, like Tiger, allows them to share a common lifestyle and allows her to be the one woman he’s been with recently that “gets it” and understands what a career in sports means.

Now Vonn fears that Tiger sees her as weak and she’s concerned that Rachel will take this opportunity to strike while she’s at a disadvantage. Lindsey’s become more needy with Tiger and the couple has had several arguments lately about her jealousy. In fact, the Enquirer reports that after Tiger made a comment about how hot Rachel looked in a recent magazine, Lindsey flipped out. This is all a big turn-off to Tiger. Vonn’s idea to serve Woods with an ultimate sure won’t help her cause either. She is forcing Tiger to pull away by demanding a marriage proposal, but she is so fearful that she’ll lose him soon that she is trying to pull out all the stops to get him to commit.  As we know at Hollywood Hiccups…ultimatums like this always end the same way. Sayonara, Vonn!

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