The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 REVIEW “There’s A New Vannibal In Town”

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 REVIEW "There's A New Vannibal In Town"

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 5 episode 13 “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” opened with Katherine is sitting on a bench writing in her diary. “Dear diary, I love my life seriously becoming Elena Gilbert is the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally have everything I ever wanted. I’m young, healthy, gorgeous, everyone loves me. But best of all I’m a vampire again. So rest in peace Elena, thanks for giving me your perfect life.”

Katherine starts deleting the pics Elena has in her phone of her and Damon. “And now that I’ve corrected the single worst decision you ever made, falling in love with Damon Salvatore, I’m going to win back the one thing I’ve always wanted.” Katherine sets the wallpaper on the phone to be a pic of Elena with Stefan.

Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine are entering a class. Caroline is babbling about not looking back and the boyfriends of the dark past. Katherine couldn’t agree more. Bonnie tells them she hasn’t been moping, Caroline tells her enough with the bragging please. Caroline is still talking up a storm about being single. Katherine points out Bonnie isn’t single. Caroline tells her she is because her friends are and therefore that makes Bonnie the wing woman. Katherine looks at the flier for the Bitter Ball. Bonnie is distracted by the girl next to her who is making her pen move without touching it. After a nudge Bonnie is snapped back into the yapping vortex that is Caroline, Bonnie says she will go that it sounds like fun. I’m pretty sure it’s to shut Caroline up as well.

Back at the Salvatore brothers house Stefan comes upon the car up against and almost in the house. Stefan opens the back end and finds Aaron’s dead body in it. He calmly shuts it and walks into a just waking Damon who apologizes for all the glass all over the floor. Apparently he had some company and it got a little out of hand. Stefan ask what in the hell is going on in the driveway. Damon tells him he let Enzo drive, he is a little out of practice. Stefan goes huh Damon catches on and says you mean Aaron, last night we hunted him down and I ripped his throat out. Stefan has the late me get this straight voice going and says let me get this straight, Elena breaks up with your first instinct is to go on a killing spree. Could you be any more predictable. Enzo informs Stefan that it was his idea. Stefan tells Damon so you guys are pals again, murder buddies is that it. Damon tells Stefan oh you know how it goes, I left him for dead, he tried to kill me, we worked things out, when you spend five years in a dungeon with someone you have a pretty unbreakable bond. Damon has the passes the liquor around Stefan and straight to Enzo. Enzo ask Stefan if he has heard from Maxfield. Stefan wants to know if his plan is to kill all the Whitmore’s. Damon tells him he isn’t in he mood for saving. Enzo suggest Stefan take up scrap booking. Surprisingly Stefan walks away.

Katherine has called Matt and ran a convo she is thinking of having with Stefan passed him. Matt tells her he guesses it’s something Elena would say. Nadia then takes the phone and compels him to forget the conversation and walk away. Nadia ask if a he can leave. Katherine tells her no to stay close that Matt is her Elena Gilbert cheat sheet. Nadia tells her that Matt isn’t a puppet. Katherine suggest that Nadia likes him. Nadia hangs up with a quickness. Me thinks her mommy dearest might be right.

Maxfield has another guy chained up in his little lab of horrors. Maxfield tells him he is going to turn him into a vampire eating vampire which I’m going to call a vannibal because I can. Maxfield assures the poor guy that he has time it’s money that’s the problem. Some girl named Sloan walks in and offers him money. Apparently she knows all about Augustine and their penchant for vampire lab rats. Maxfield is told she wants some blood analyzed, oh and FYI here is your nephews bag pack we found his car deserted pretty sure he is dead and you look to be next.

Enzo ask Damon if he would like to go a road trip with him to South America…after they kill Maxfield and not a moment sooner. Damon tells him he really isn’t thinking that far ahead. They have the head of Whitmore Security chained up in a back room. She ask them to let her go, Damon compels her and gets her to admit she helped cover up a few here and there on campus. Damon then ask if she knows where Maxfield is, she doesn’t hasn’t heard from him for awhile. Enzo being the stand up guy he is decides that he will kill this mother of two by snapping her neck. Enzo tells Damon she is a dead end, Damon does the whatever shrug and says on to the next.

Out somewhere in the woods by the house Stefan comes upon Enzo digging a grave. Enzo has the balls to tell Stefan to grab a shovel, Stefan tells him he needs to leave, Enzo suggest he come along for the ride with them and then offers him a shovel. Stefan accepts it but only so he knock him down with it and tell him to get the hell away for there. Enzo shoves the shovel into himself and tells Stefan he can’t hurt him. Stefan takes the shovel and puts it to his throat and tells Enzo what he does to him will be permanent, and to make sure that he never sees him again. Stefan out.

Katherine is playing with Elena’s phone….again. Caroline walks in and she tells her she needs her help picking out some earrings. Caroline tells her she knows she is faking, Katherine looks panicked. Caroline tells her she can see right through her and she is just pretending to be happy for her sake. Katherine plays along. Low and behold Stefan is calling Katherine, she answers , he is calling about Enzo Katherine has no idea who that is. She invites him to the party and when he declines she cons him into it.

Nadia is still sitting at the bar when she gets a text asking her who in the hell Enzo is. Tyler walks in and ask for a drink to erase Caroline. Tyler sees Nadia and Matt tells him it’s Katherine’s daughter. Tyler wants to so shoes with her. They all three start doing shots and telling stories about their mothers. Tyler leaves to pee. Which surprises Nadia, she didn’t know hybrids had to pee, weird. When she thinks Tyler is out of earshot she compels Matt to tell her about Enzo, Tyler hears everything. Nadia and Matt do another shot.

Bonnie is explaining to Jeremy that they have to go to the dance separately and then hook up when they get there. Damon shows up and they want to know what he is doing there, Damon tells them he tutors some kids in calculus, he likes giving back and being a good role model, just kidding he is there to kidnap Jeremy. Damon grins crazily. Jeremy tells him he isn’t funny. Damon tells Jeremy he isn’t going anywhere. Bonnie tells him to let Jeremy go. Damon ask her if she is going to glare him to death if he doesn’t. Jeremy tells Damon to leave Bonnie alone. Damon calls him a idiot and tells him to relax he is there for him not Bonnie, keep up. Damon explains that he has a hit list and he can’t find his last target so he needs a witch. Bonnie says she isn’t a witch anymore. Damon is confident they could throw a rock and hit one, he hands her a piece of material with Maxfields blood on it that Enzo was holding in to, you know for old times sake, Damon tells her that should jump start a locator spell, tick tock. Jeremy tells Damon he won’t take him because of Elena. Damon says what will she do, hurt him, break up with him, been there dome that and he wrote the country song to boot. Enzo comes out of nowhere and Bonnie ask who he is, Enzo tells her he is the guy hat gets people to do what they don’t want to. He grabs Jeremy’s head and pushes the shit out of it, Bonnie caves and says she will help.

Over at the dance Katherine is talking about her dead corsage. Katherine gets a text from Nadia telling her who Enzo is and that he is dangerous. Stefan is at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her and ask who thinks up these things. Katherine tells him lonely single people. The two of them are dancing. Stefan tells her about Damon and his bad bad ways and his bad bad doings, she isn’t surprised after all this is Damon they are talking about. She tried to change him but he changed her instead. She then ups the ante and ask Stefan if he likes who she is or who she was. Stefan isn’t sure how to answer that. Katherine wisely changes the subject, she ask about the Damon Enzo issue, Stefan wisely decides they can talk about that later. They get close during the dance and Caroline comes flying over all freaked out by it and claims she needs to borrow her for a minute. Something about a shredding station. Katherine has no idea what she is talking about either.

Tyler is telling Matt that Nadia is playing him, Matt calls bull. Tyler ask where his vervain is then, I can tell you where it isn’t, it isn’t on his arm. Tyler gives him the see I told you so speech. Matt wants to know why Nadia would be compelling him. Tyler has no clue. The two decide his best course of action is to drink the coffee with the vervain in it.

Back over at the shredder Caroline gets rid of a pic of her and Tyler and a horse picture that Klaus stole I mean drew for her. Caroline tells Katherine those relationships are over, and she has no intention of changing her mind. Caroline tries to get her to back off of Stefan, but when they doesn’t seem to be working she tells her to forget everything she was saying. To forget implies Katherine would have had to be listening and actually give a damn what Caroline was saying, neither of which she did or does. Katherine walks away.

Bonnie and Damon show up, he comments on how glad he is that he isn’t 19. They look around and then Damon ask her where her little witch friend is. Bonnie points her out and says her name is Liv Parker and she isn’t her friend. Bonnie tells him it is a shot in the dark, Damon tells her he is feeling lucky.
Caroline tells Stefan to come be bitter with her. Stefan tells her he is just done thank you. Caroline ask what he wanted to tell Elena, Stefan congratulates her on a job well some when it comes to eavesdropping. Stefan tells Caroline that Damon fell off the deep end. Caroline wants some specifics, Stefan tells her Damon killed Aaron. Stefan tries to champion Damon. Speaking of he walks up with Bonnie. Caroline and Stefan both want to know what he is doing there, Damon explains the Maxfield part. Bonnie tells them the Jeremy part and she has a picture to prove it. Katherine overhears and acts upset , but looks annoyed the second she turns and walks away.

Katherine calls Nadia and ask her if she just let Jeremy die if she could get away with it since his death would be really convenient for her. Nadia tells her hell to the no Elena would do everything in her power to save him. Katherine knows exactly where Jeremy is. Nadia tells her to save him now. Katherine tells her fine but she needs to find out if Caroline has a thing for Stefan in the mean time. They hang up. Matt comes out and Nadia starts questioning him about Stefan and Caroline. Matt can’t and won’t answer the questions. Nadia compels him to forget and then takes off. Tyler comes out , before Matt can tell him what we have all known for episodes now Nadia shoes back up and snaps Tyler’s neck, she tells Matt he isn’t going to tell Tyler anything.

Stefan comes out to check on Katherine and ask her if she is ok. She fakes up some tears and some concern and adds a dash of damsel in distress and gets Stefan to hold her.

Bonnie finds Liv and skips right to the chase, she knows she is a witch. Liv tries to talk her way out of it. Caroline pops out of nowhere in vampire face and tells her she is going to help her. Damon wants to know how long it’s going to take. Bonnie is walking her through it. The wind stares blowing and the lights blow out. Liv gets scared and decides not to do it. Damon tells them cooperation isn’t optional.

Enzo has Jeremy tied up and they are having a conversation, Jeremy tells him he doesn’t have to kill him. Enzo says he does because if you don’t follow through with threats they don’t work. Enzo takes the plastic off the dry cleaning and suffocates Jeremy with it.

Bonnie is trying to convince the reluctant little Sabrina to get her ass in gear and help her save Jeremy’s life. Liv tells her if she goes all Carrie and burns the school down its on Bonnie.

Enzo lets Jeremy’s dead body drop like a bag of potatoes. Stefan rushes in and grabs him, Katherine starts pounding Jeremy’s chest,more in frustration than helpfulness, he finally comes back. Over on the other side of the room Stefan is giving Enzo quite the ass kicking, Enzo decides to play dirty and jams a fireplace poker into Katherine’s shoulder just as Damon walks in. Damon tells Enzo the spell worked and he knows where Maxfield is. Enzo offers to drive. Stefan tells Damon not to comeback. Damon tells him he wasn’t planning on it as he walks out the door. Katherine can barely contain her glee and the smile spreading across her face.
Tyler wakes up from his Nadia sanctioned nap. Matt explains to him that the Nadia thing was just a big misunderstanding she wanted to chit chat about Katherine. Tyler buys it, he tells Matt to stay a way from her and the he leaves. Matt hops in a truck with Nadia. Nadia tells him if Tyler follows them she will kill them both. Matt always the dim one decides to confirm the fact he knows what Katherine did. Nadia threatens to take his ring off and kill him. Matt ask what she is going to do with him, she hasn’t decided but it involves getting the vervain out of his system, all the better to compel and manipulate you my dear.

Damon and Enzo show up at Maxfields lab and start looking for him, they open a door and find a bunch of travelers chanting. Sloan is one of them. Damon ask them who they are. Maxfield pops up,from behind and tells them they are his back up. All of a sudden the chanting causes Damon and Enzo to grab their heads in pain. They fall to the ground and Maxfield sticks a needle in Damon’s neck. He tells him good luck on making friends there as he walks away.

Stefan comes to check on Katherine and she tells him she still has a splinter in her back, he takes it out for her. She tells him she knows Damon killed Aaron because they got into Whitmore house without the owners permission. She wants Stefan to be honest with her. Stefan tells her has been waiting for Damon to screw up so she will hate him, but he realized that Damon was there for her in ways he wasn’t. Katherine tells him he threatened her brother and she can’t go back to that but she will help Stefan. They hug and Caroline happens to walk in.

Damon and Enzo are together and Damon tells him if he stuck him with the vannibal stuff they could have a problem. Damon hears something, he finds the guy from earlier, he breaks him free from he chains, the guy ask him what’s happening to him, Damon tells him he is going to go with Karma. He grabs the guy and bleeds him dry. Enzo yells at him to stop, he drops the guys body. Enzo says he can see how it could be a problem. Damon is a vannibal. A smiley blood soaked vannibal.


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  2. Kareem Williams says

    This is a great review, thanks a million for sharing this.

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